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Taking On Insurers In Bad Faith Insurance Disputes

Your insurer has an obligation to uphold your policy. Unfortunately, many insurance providers fail to do so, denying perfectly valid claims in bad faith. These powerful corporations have nearly infinite resources to defend their denial of a claim. You need an experienced attorney to level the playing field.

At Dillon & Findley, P.C., we have the experience and strength to level the field against major insurance companies. Since 1990, we have represented business entities, homeowners and other policyholders who found themselves locked in an insurance dispute. It is our mission to hold the insurance carrier accountable for the compensation it owes you.

What Are The Elements Of Insurance Bad Faith?

All insurance companies owe several duties to their policyholders. These include:

  • Investigating your claim
  • Paying a settlement or judgment against you
  • Defending you against a claim
  • Offering a reasonable settlement

When an insurance provider fails to act reasonably in fulfilling these duties, it is said to be acting in bad faith. If our lawyers determine that you have an actionable bad faith claim, you have the right to file a lawsuit to recover the compensation outlined in your policy.

Litigation Experience That Levels The Playing Field

As trial-tested litigators, we have gone up against some of the most powerful corporations and government agencies in the country. We have a proven record of favorable awards from judges and juries. Because our opponents know that we are serious about going to trial, we are in a better position to negotiate a favorable settlement.

Hold Your Insurer Accountable – Get Our Help

Our attorneys will uphold your rights against the powerful insurer that has not upheld its end of your policy. Reach out to our team in Anchorage to schedule an initial consultation in which we can evaluate your claim. To reach us, please call 907-519-0668 or send us an email.