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Anchorage, Alaska Employment Lawyers

Our firm has extensive experience with employment litigation, including interpreting and understanding state and federal statutes and case law, work on cases involving disputes over employment contracts, employment discrimination allegations, employee benefits, whistleblower issues, and wrongful discharge.

The Anchorage employment lawyers at Dillon & Findley represent clients on a broad range of employment issues in state and federal court and in administrative proceedings before the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights, and the Alaska Department of Labor.

We offer skilled and experienced attorneys in the following employment fields, including:

  1. Wrongful termination
  2. Employment discrimination and harassment claims
  3. Retaliatory discharge
  4. Alaska Wage and Hour Act litigation
  5. Labor grievances
  6. Contract negotiations
  7. Noncompetition and separation agreements
  8. Executive contracts

Dillon & Findley represents employees and employers, including municipalities, businesses, and Alaska Native corporations, with their employment matters. We also have experience in alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation.

Labor Law

Dillon & Findley represents unions and union members in litigation and arbitration. Our legal team has experience:

  1. Filing unfair labor practice charges (through appeals at the trial court and appellate court levels)
  2. Representing unions and workers at hearings before an Administrative Law Judge
  3. Representing unions and workers in litigation before the federal and state courts
  4. Handling class actions benefiting workers
  5. Interfacing with government agencies conducting investigations

For example, Dillon & Findley has proudly represented Alaska International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (“IBEW”), Public Safety Employees Association (“PSEA”), Peace Officers Research Association of California (“PORAC”) Legal Defense Fund, and Alaska Police Department Employees Association (“APDEA”).

Dillon & Findley, along with other attorneys, successfully obtained a permanent injunction against the State of Alaska for violating the Alaska Constitution by unilaterally changing how state employees’ union dues are collected.  We also successfully represented the local IBEW in breach of contract claims brought by a local utility company, eliminating its potential damage exposure. Our firm has also represented the Alaska AFL–CIO, Alaska Public Employees Association/AFT, IBEW Local 1547, Public Employees Local 71, Operating Engineers Local 302, Alaska State Employees Association/AFSCME Local 52, Alaska Laborers Local 341, and Teamsters Local 959 with their legal issues.

Our legal team also represented the APDEA and individual members in numerous matters, including:

  1. The successful litigation of a complex unfair labor arbitration that resulted in the restoration of the 4/10 workweek for represented employees;
  2. The defense of employees facing disciplinary actions as the result of internal affairs investigations and wrongful terminations;
  3. The litigation of proceedings before the Alaska Police Standards Council; and
  4. Support of officers involved in deadly force investigations and representation for officers involved in officer involved shootings.

Dillon & Findley serves all of Alaska.

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