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Top Alaska Property Tax Attorneys

Alaska law firm assists clients with complex property tax matters

Dillon & Findley, P.C. has extensive experience with state and local property taxation.  Our firm has successfully litigated and negotiated major oil and gas property tax cases at the administrative, trial court, and appellate court levels, including the precedent-setting case related to the multi-billion dollar valuation of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.  Dillon & Findley has advised on complex taxation issues involving pipeline, exploration, and production property.

Dillon & Findley also advises on real and personal property taxation issues under Title 29.

Our firm understands the assessment and audit process, the valuation methods for assessing property, tax caps, and the application of exclusions and exemptions from taxable property.  We offer skilled and experienced attorneys in interpreting ordinances, regulations, and statutes, specifically related to property taxation.

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