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Assistance With Commercial Construction Project Disputes

Many things can go wrong with a large-scale construction project. When a dispute arises over design failures, faulty materials or construction defects, skillful legal guidance is necessary to protect your interests and avert additional problems. At Dillon Findley & Simonian, P.C., in Anchorage, we litigate actions related to the building and repair of major commercial, industrial and government structures on behalf of both project owners and contractors.

Industrial Structures And Government Projects

Our work in construction defects litigation has included cases involving:

  • Airports
  • Road projects
  • Wastewater treatment and hydropower plants
  • Roof, tank and exhaust system failures in commercial buildings
  • Installation of a radio system in remote villages
  • Failure of wall construction under a major roadway
  • Representation of utilities and municipalities in utility construction disputes

Understanding Causes Of Defect Claims

Various elements of a project can give rise to a legal dispute. Common subjects of defect claims include:

  • Design – In this situation, the contractor might have done everything right, but the project specifications were inherently flawed, perhaps due to an architect’s error.
  • Materials – Here, the contractor used materials that were substandard. The question of liability depends on whether the contractor knew or should have known the materials were defective, or if the material supplier is the culpable party.
  • Construction quality – In these situations, the design and materials were sound, but the craftsmanship was substandard.

Identifying the liable party is an important step in the investigation of any construction defect. Our Alaska construction law firm retains a team of highly reputable experts who can perform a forensic analysis of any construction problem. Together, we have more than 80 years of combined experience to guide you through your case.

Experienced Attorneys Advise On Alaska Laws Relating To Construction Problems

Many large-scale construction contracts address potential remedies if a possible defect is identified. However, the terms of the contract are not always definitive. Our attorneys are adept at examining and interpreting complex agreements. From there, we can investigate the purported defect. If warranted, we can prepare a claim seeking a remedy for breach of contract, negligence or breach of warranty.

Our firm also defends clients accused of doing substandard work. We litigate claims involving equitable adjustment, implied warranty of adequate specifications, differing site conditions, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, quantum meruit and unjust enrichment.

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Dillon Findley & Simonian, P.C. represents clients in commercial construction defect litigation throughout Alaska. Our office is located in downtown Anchorage near the U.S. District Court, Alaska Supreme Court and Alaska Superior Court. Call us today at 907-519-0668 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.