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Compensation For The Effects Of Negligent Surgery Or Defective Medical Devices

Orthopedic surgeons perform procedures to correct problems with bones and joints. While great advances have been made in surgical techniques and mechanical devices, orthopedic surgery still subjects patients to risk from a surgical team’s negligence or the poor performance of a defective product.

If you have suffered a painful and debilitating result from an orthopedic procedure due to surgical error or a defective medical device, Dillon Findley & Simonian, P.C., can help. For more than 30 years, our medical malpractice attorneys have assisted injured patients seeking compensation for orthopedic procedures that left them much worse off than they were before the procedure. Aside from the problems that are common to all surgeries, issues with orthopedic medicine include:

  • Arthroscopic surgery error
  • Defective medical devices for hip and knee replacements
  • Failure to refer patient to an appropriate specialist
  • Improperly set fractures
  • Misread X-rays MRIs, CT scans, bone scans and ultrasounds
  • Problems with donor tendons

Orthopedic Injuries And Negligence

To prevail in most orthopedic injury cases, your attorney must prove that the health care provider fell below the standard of care and that this failure caused injury or death. Serious injuries from negligent orthopedic surgery include:

  • Infections from contaminated tendons harvested from improperly preserved cadavers
  • Operations performed on the wrong body part or wrong side of the body
  • Accidentally severing arteries or nerves
  • Limb- and life-threatening compartment syndrome

As with other surgical error cases, our medical malpractice attorneys engage in diligent fact-finding and seek out respected authorities to analyze the facts. We interview key witnesses and examine all pertinent medical records. Our medical malpractice attorneys construct a compelling argument for negligence, with an in-depth assessment of the injury, including a comprehensive estimate of the patient’s future suffering that supports the patient’s claim for compensation.

Were You Harmed By The Faulty DePuy Hip Implant?

There are always concerns when a doctor recommends permanently implanting a mechanical device in the human body. While orthopedic devices have been generally successful in alleviating pain and enhancing a patient’s mobility, certain products, such as the notorious DePuy artificial hip, have caused considerable suffering. The DePuy hip was an egregious example of a company flouting the requirements of the FDA’s approval process and rushing a faulty product into distribution.

The DePuy hip, a metal-on-metal construction designed to be sturdier than plastic or ceramic devices, actually shed metal particles, which caused the recipients tremendous pain. The DePuy hips necessitated additional surgery to remove and replace them. The manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, has been held liable for placing a dangerous product on the market. Products liability for defective medical devices requires a different type of proof from negligence cases. Manufacturers of consumer products are usually strictly liable for the harm their products cause.

Call Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys For Guidance

Dillon Findley & Simonian, P.C. accepts medical malpractice cases across Alaska. For orthopedic malpractice or medical device liability cases, our firm advances all litigation costs. You do not pay our attorney fees unless the case resolves favorably.

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