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Assistance With Complex Oil And Gas Legal Concerns

The lucrative world of oil and gas is packed with complex bureaucracy and regulations. To navigate the numerous legal facets of the industry effectively, you require knowledgeable and cost-efficient counsel. This is where we at Dillon & Findley come in.

Our clients include business entities, boroughs and municipalities throughout Alaska. We have handled regulatory matters before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska and handled state Superior and Supreme Court appellate cases, and our attorneys have submitted regulatory change proposals for major corporations at the RCA.

We handle a spectrum of concerns in oil and gas law, including:

  • Environmental issues
  • Regulatory issues
  • Administrative hearings
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Machinery and equipment issues
  • Construction disputes
  • Construction of pipelines and tanks
  • Infrastructure
  • Civil litigation
  • Appellate law

With extensive experience in administrative law, we also represent clients at hearings before administrative boards such as the State Assessment Review Board and the Office of Administrative Hearings. Clients come to us because we have close connections to professionals in the oil and gas industry. We frequently draw on this roster of experts to assist in discovery or testify at trial.

Experienced In Property Tax Dispute Litigation

Our firm has successfully litigated and negotiated major oil and gas property tax cases at the administrative, trial court and appellate court levels. We have advised on complex taxation issues involving pipeline, exploration and production property. One of our precedent-setting cases, for instance, involved the valuation of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. Our firm understands the assessment and audit process, the valuation methods for assessing property, tax caps, and the application of exclusions and exemptions from taxable property. We offer skilled and experienced attorneys in interpreting ordinances, regulations and statutes, specifically related to property taxation.

Seek Assistance With Oil And Gas Law Today

When you seek a law firm to provide legal guidance for the complex oil and gas industry, look no further than Dillon & Findley. Cost-effective and high-quality service is not far. You can contact our Anchorage office to set up an initial consultation with one of our team members. Call 907-519-0668 or send us an email for assistance.