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Fire Investigation And Case Consulting For Fire Investigation Cases

Structural fire of residential, commercial, or industrial buildings are tragic. When the smoke has finally dissipated, a lot of work goes into figuring out the cause of the fire.  At Dillon Findley & Simonian, P.C., our team of litigation attorneys, along with the firm’s fire investigator experts, have assisted clients with these cases. Founded in Juneau in 1990, our firm serves clients throughout the state of Alaska. Over the past several decades, we have established a reputation in the local community as being ethical, professional and thorough litigators and investigators. We work with gas utility companies, insurance companies or fire investigators to determine the cause of fires and help prepare everything that is necessary for a trial involving a fire.

What Is Involved With A Fire Investigation?

Physical evidence from the scene of a fire can tell fire and arson investigators a lot about the fire. For example, physical evidence gathered at the scene can tell investigators if the fire was accidental or if it was set deliberately. Signs that accelerants were used or if utilities were tampered with, as well as the burn patterns, can indicate the cause of the fire.

At Dillon Findley & Simonian, P.C., we have handled complex civil litigation cases for decades. We also represent clients in construction cases, all of which includes a vast network of connections, expert witnesses and connections that can be helpful no matter how unique the facts of the situation may be.

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